Monday, January 19, 2009

Malcolm Reynolds > Leonidas

Ah, 2002. It was a simpler time. It would be years before Zack Snyder would befoul our silver screens with his slow motion propaganda, and there was a wonderful little show called Firefly that aired every Friday night on Fox. Of course the first Firefly experience most people had was really the second episode of the series: "The Train Job." This is because Fox assumed that people wouldn't have the attention spans to sit through the 2 hour long pilot episode. For all I know, they're right. People--and especially heavy television watchers--aren't really known for their patience, or intelligence. Regardless, most folk got a real sense of the show from "The Train Job." There were a number of groin-grabbing moments, and it's no wonder that the show went on to become the hit that it did. (Is that sarcasm or not? You decide!) But really, in the end, you just can't beat the humble simplicity of one fellow kicking another into the engine of a spaceship. And since everything I've typed thus far was just an excuse to post this clip, enjoy:

Also: Jewel Staite, if you're reading this, will you be my girlfriend? I promise to only call you "Kaylee" on special occasions.


elgringo said...

As it turns out, this is apparently the #1 network television masterpiece that I never really got into. I was there for Wonderfalls, damnit. No credit.

Keith said...

Yeah, I almost missed out myself. If I hadn't been living in a dorm full of people watching it at the time I'd probably still be in the dark. I tend to not give new TV shows the benefit of the doubt for some reason...

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