Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lower Your Brows

So I just watched Tokyo Gore Police again, and I was in the process of typing up a blog post about it when I happened to refresh GreenCine Daily. Apparently I've been beaten to the punch! I don't mind though, because this post, which you should click on and read immediately, captures the film perfectly. If reading that post gets your blood boiling and makes you want to watch it right then and there, you will love the movie. And you should probably get off the goddam internet and watch it right then and there. But if the GreenCine post makes you go a big rubbery one, or just doesn't interest you, then TGP is probably not for you. And I'll be the first to admit: it's not for everyone. But if you're the kind of person who gets excited about "the cinematic equivalent of a Gwar concert," then for fuck's sake call up some like-minded folk and pop in Tokyo Gore Police.

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